Friday, May 28, 2010

On a Copper Kick with Rings & Things

Since becoming a Blog Partner with Rings & Things, I have had the oppurtuinity to try so many new and exciting products. It has allowed me to try things I never would have before and has also got me hooked on a few things that I can not live with out.

One of them is copper.

I have been on a copper kick and I don't see it ending soon :)

This last go round along with my order to Rings & Things, I also able to add a few items to the list 'gratis' for being a Blog Partner. So what did I choose??

Copper :) I chose several different copper beads to use as accents with my new summer pieces. To me, copper is a great accent to summer. It is warm and inviting, the way it tarnish's it has an old friend feel - a comfort to me.

Here are some things accented with those great copper beads!

Sesame jasper slabs, accented with Czech crystals and 26-823 Bead, Copper Plated, Triangle Heishi (Copper Plated) * I love these Heishi beads, the go with any design. The copper plating most likely will prevent them from tarnishing to quickly and keep them bright. A great accent to the dark faceted crystals.

Dyed crazy lace agate, carnelian and quartz with 49-954-05-AC Bead, Cast, Flower, 5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated) * accents. Here is the SQUEEEEE for me - can you see the little copper bicones? (26-814-13 Bead, Copper, Bicone, 3mm (Copper) *) Next to the toggle? OMG they are the coolest thing ever! I love them. Can you get them faceted? I would have no need for swarovski crystals again!

Here is some fun with the triangle heishi beads and the bicones. Want a bead cap? Need a bead cap? Don't have a bead cap? Create the illusion of a bead cap by stacking these little beauties on your bead! They make the perfect accent to these earrings!

Not only has Rings & Things encouraged me to work with and try new products - they also entice me with things like this - Seriously!!!

I can't stand it!!! I am counting down the days when they will be in town for the bead tour. I can't wait to see this stuff up close and personal. I'll have my camera and will take lots of pics! Stay tuned kids there is so much more coming!!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Rings & ThingsBlog Partner Program. These items are for review or design purposes. Find out more about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program were provided as a promotional gift as part of the


  1. It's been a golden copper-tunity, hasn't it, Tish? (Groan.) (I'm in an awful pun phase.) It's a lot of fun to watch you pursue a new path, doing great things with copper. Awesome tip there, about creating a faux bead cap!

    at Rings & Things

  2. You are the Queen of Copper. Love the necklace and bracelet but the earrings are my favourites.

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  4. I LOVE that crazy lace agate bracelet. What a fantastic combo with the carnelian!