Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do you know Bismuth?

My friend Vanessa sells Bismuth once a twice a year, when she can get it. It is pricey, but when she has it she sells out quickly - and you can see why :)

I was looking at it this weekend and had to have a piece.

This is not the natural form - it is lab grown, but still - This is the coolest stuff!! From my work table it is not the greatest picture -

This is a better picture of it from Wikipedia -

I love the multi color!

So what is bismuth?

Bismuth is metal and has been confused in the past for lead or tin. Bismuth can be found in cosmetics, medicines and is used as a replacement for lead in solder. Bismuth is often found in its native form with an iridescent oxide tarnish, ranging in colors from yellow to blue.

Bismuth crystals like shown here are rarely if ever seen like this in nature. With it's low melting point - just above 590F (271 C) - these crystals can be grown on your stove!!! What a cool project that would be.:)

More facts about Bismuth -

A catalyst for making acrylic fibers
Ingredient in lubricating greases
Dense material for fishing sinkers
A pigment in artists' oil and acrylic paint (Bismuth Vanadate)

I am going to use my piece of bismuth as a pendant :) I am practicing a new way of wrapping - What do you think!?!?


  1. How cool!! I've never heard of that before. Very fascinating stuff. Great piece too.

  2. Wow! that's amazing as is your wire wrapping. I've never heard of Bismuth either, but then my bead knowledge is quite lacking. The copper wire looks so good against the stone? bead? crystal?.