Saturday, April 3, 2010

More pendants

I took supplies to work yesterday to beat the boredom. It is one of those boredom's that I don't want to do anything. I can't read a book, I don't want to look at the internet anymore, have no desire to play any games, just staring into space.

I am going to be creative damnit if it is the last thing I do!!!!

I took my bowl of bead soup, 4 gauges of wire, (bought 4 spools from Rings & Things, best purchase to date!) a few crystals and my tools. Now wouldn't ya know - I was busy yesterday!!!! Towards the last of my shift things started to slow down, so I put on my headphones and some good music and set out to create.

Remember those crystals I got on vacation? I wrapped one in copper and added amazonite, agate, aventurine and crystals for this success and luck pendant.

Then I used some red brass to frame a green garnet and wrapped it with copper wire and garnets with a fire polished red Czech crystal - Garnets are all about love

Time flew and my work day was over by the time I finished the garnet pendant. Now I have a three day weekend, with beautiful weather! Have a great weekend ya'all!


  1. Lucky you! To be able to create such lovelies during a slow spell at work...and a three day weekend too! Enjoy!

  2. Those are phenomenal! I'm glad to see this aforementioned "slump" didn't last.