Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We got married in a fever! - Rings & Things Blogger challenge

Hotter than a pepper sprout! I was thinking of the song 'Jackson' while I was pushing the chili pepper beads from Rings & Things around my work table. Then I made this free form heart pendant and added the fun charms at the bottom.

Here is what I used:
44-940-56-AG Viva Mexicana charm, dancing senor (antiqued-gold plate)(ten - $10.50) *
44-940-57-AG Viva Mexicana charm, dancing senorita (antiqued-gold plate)(ten - $10.50) *
28-333-89 Lampwork chili pepper bead (red) (36 - 44 per 16" strand - $9.00) *
28-335-18 Lampwork 'calavera' flower skull bead (black,white)( 23 - 27 per 16" strand - $13.00)*
47-202-SP Red Brass 14g Wire, Round, 20' (Red Brass)
Gold plated copper wire - 24 ga
Coral beads
Gold tone chain
Gold tone head pins

I made a free form heart shape with the brass wire. Wrapped it at the top to hold it together with the gold tone wire, and then added the coral beads to the wire wrap down the side for decoration. Used the gold tone wire to wire wrap the chili pepper and add coral and crystals to the wrap at the top. Then using the head pins added the skull bead to the chain, and separated the gold chain links just enuff to add the skeleton charms.

Now sing it with me!!!

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  1. A whole lotta fun! What a coincidence too, I was just watching that exact video the last time I got on YouTube to teach my kids about GOOD music :)

    at Rings & Things

  2. Oh now that's going to be stuck in my head all day. Love the necklace, the wire heart is amazing.

  3. I love the twist of adding the skull and such a pretty one too...what a fun necklace!Enjoy your day!