Monday, April 12, 2010

What did I get in the mail!!! - Ahtee's Blog

I have enjoyed following Rose over on her blog - Ahtee's Blog. She is fun and positive, cute and sweet, independent, and her jewelry is awesome! I have had my eye on a pair of earrings "Leaves and Flowers" for a while. I read about them first on her blog and then after she set up her Etsy shop - Ahtee's Desigsn's - I took it as a sign and bought them!

Bright and springy wrapping!

Little note cards in bright flower envelopes

Beautifully designed logo, and packaging

Sweet little hand stamped cards, with a hand written note on the back. She also sent a blank note card, incase it was gift. How thoughtful!

Are these not the BOMB!!!! they are a gift - to me!!! I love them!!!

Stop by Rose's blog and see what she is creating or learn a little bit more about her. She is not afraid to share. You will see great designs, beautiful photography, and learn about her other skills that set her apart as an artist. Then head over to her etsy shop - you'll be glad you did!!!

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