Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Christmas in Cozumel - Rings and Things blogger challenge

Every time I bring up Cozumel - there will be someone in the group that says - "OMG it is gore-JUSS!! Have you been??" Jo went on a Christmas cruise down to Cozumel and had a blast - "Oh Mom" she says, "You have to go!"

She knows my love of R-key-ol-edgy and history, and, yes, the Mayan ruins are on my list.

I was thinking about that - taking a cruise, me and James. Some place with no computers, no cell phones, warm, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. Then my mind does a 180 and I think - What jewelry would I take with me?!!? Do you ever do that?

I made this necklace to be part of my cruise package :)

28-333-89 Lampwork chili pepper bead (red) (36 - 44 per 16" strand - $9.00) *
Re purpose coral necklace
Re purposed mother of pearl necklace
Wood beads from
Fire polished Czech glass from

Ya know, it is almost vacation season - Where would you want to go, and will you make special 'vacation jewelry'?

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  1. Wood beads! I gotta hand it to you, Tish, this is a unique & powerful pairing with the chili pepper lampwork. Awesome :)

    at Rings & Things

  2. This would be perfect on a cruise! Fun fun fun! And I love the wood beads... Very cool :D