Saturday, December 26, 2009

A little something to hold on to

Sometimes we all need a little something to hold on to to remind us there is a higher power, or to remind us of our good qualities, or even to give us that little bit of luck we need that day.

Gemstones portray that 'little bit of something' to me. They are easy to carry around or wear as jewelry. I can easily reach up and touch a pendant as a reminder, or reach into my pocket and feel their warmth and reassurance. Silly to some I know, but it is the same as throwing salt over your shoulder when you spill it, crossing your fingers for good luck, keeping your St. Christopher metal on the rear view mirror of your car, or not jinxing your team by always wearing the same outfit to the game. All of these are our little traditions or superstitions that make us feel better about us.

With this in mind, I made this pendant for my sister in law. I chose the stones for their meanings and 'powers'. She is gentle and loving soul, her life is her family and friends, a teacher, with genius creativity.

I wrapped garnet, citrine, iolite and carnelian to the crystal, which is is the focal, which amplifies the qualities of the stones.

Garnet: Removes negativity, career success, self confidence.
Citrine: Success, intuition, creativity
Iolite: Intuition, inner knowledge
Carnelian: Creativity, peace, luck

Do you see the pattern here?

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  1. MMM, how nice and a wonderful sentiment, I agree wholeheartedly! Great idea and beautiful design! :)