Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Looking for some inspiration

Everyone knows the months have a birthstone. Did you also know there are flowers tied to the months as well? December's birth flower is the Narcissus.

The Narcissus is the flower of respect, modesty and faithfulness.

The Narcissus family of flowers are one of my favorites. They are crazy hardy here in North Carolina and have every year since I moved here, bloomed in mid January and stayed till mid March. They thrill me with their vivid colors in the middle of the winter dreary.

I love it that it is chosen for the December flower. Something bright and springy in the middle of the cold winter, other than it may be difficult to give a bouquet of these lovelies during December. So with that in mind, I have found some lovely gift ideas that are inspired by the Narcissus!!

From Leafingearth at Artfire. Sweet little earrings of stacked lucite flower beads create a narcissus flower. Just darling!

From mcstoneworks studio at Artfire. Jade and pearl necklace with a daffodil focal. Warms up the coldest winter nights!!

From Whitecockade46 at ArtFire. Sunny jonquil swarovski crystals make you think of spring!

From JuniperGems at ArtFire. (my personal favorite) beautiful glass flower beads, sterling and jonquil swarovski crystals. This is a burst of spring flowers on your arm. This would lighten any mood!

So many ideas out there for that someone special in your life. Just go to your favorite online artists showcase and type in 'jonquil' 'daffodil' or 'narcissus' and see all the choices that come up!!
Happy shopping!


  1. MY favorite is the daffodil. I love paperwhites, too, which I am growing in my kitchen (started my bulbs today)! This is a lovely post and gorgeous jewelry...what a great gift suggestion!

  2. Oh wow, what great pieces you have showcased!! I love them all! So uplifting!