Friday, December 4, 2009

Going crazy with vintage lucite from Beadin Path

Yesterday, home from work, bored with sleeping and disgusted with t.v. I tried reading. My mind kept wandering to my work table and what I could be doing. I put the book down and sat at my work table.


I pushed some beads around on the table with my finger and hummed a ditty to myself.


I have some compartmentalized storage boxes I have been putting my beads and supplies in, so I picked up on that project to see if I ran across anything that would get me going. I sat in the floor with baggies all around me, sorting and piling and pushing things around. My cat, who loves plastic baggies and to play fetch, trotted in with a baggie in his mouth. He dropped it in front of me, mewed to get my attention and pushed up against me, his way of saying, 'Mom, throw it!' I picked up the baggie and noticed it was my lucite beads from Beadin Path. That pesky cat!

Oh wait, that glorious cat! I got an idea as soon as I touched that bag. My daughter had been on me about making too many necklaces, and challenged me to step out and try making bracelets and earrings. I did just that!

I have talked about the memory wire bracelets before. How they are a great alternative to elastic, especially if you are knot challenged like I am. They are also great bracelets for people who have a difficult time with clasps due to arthritis, or who may have larger wrists and have trouble finding something to fit. The other thing too about memory wire, it is a great unisex option, open up that customer base!

Vintage lucite beads are light, so you can bulk up a design and not have to worry about the weight. The colors are so vivid, whereas you are limited by natural stone. The lucite is so sturdy, it can take the wear on your wrist for a worry free fashion accessory.

So, memory wire bracelets -

LUC3737OR Twist Tube Beads 10 x 12mm Orange Moonglow *

Glass pearls

Sterling disks

LUC646GR - Vintage Lucite Matte Marbled Moss Green - 10 mm rounds *
Glass pearls

But don't stop there - how about memory wire earrings? These are great fun wire loop earrings packed with lucite. Lucite beads are so light weight you can wear some really daring designs and combinations and not have to worry about them being uncomfortable.

LUC4869OR Transparent Hyacinth Barrel Bead 12 x 14 mm *
Glass pearls

LUC461YL Opaque Jonquil Round 8 mm *
LUC4458YL Pale Jonquil Round beads 16mm *
LUC4759RD - Vintage Italian Lucie Marbled Red w/ White - 12mm rounds *
Seed beads
(My favorite)

- Vintage Lucite Matte Marbled Moss Green - 10 mm rounds *
Glass pearls

There are so many things to do with memory wire and vintage lucite, what about wine glass charms? What else do you make with memory wire?

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Beadin Path were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Beadin Path Design Partners. These items are for review or design purposes.


  1. Great pieces! I really like the memory wire earrings - may have to try those, have an idea but not sure it'll work. Will post about it if it does :-)

  2. I always forget I have memory wire...;)
    Lovely colours, great contrasts.

  3. Tish Can I just add, I've often stopped by and couldn't post my comments, today I've discovered that it's a Firefox problem so switched to IE.It may be worth mentioning to help other visitors note their appreciation of your work.

  4. I love those first two! Especially the bracelet! Great colors. Might have to play with some memory wire.

  5. Ok, I guess they're both bracelets, so the green one. :)