Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's Shop Locals Artisan of the Week - Just A Tish Designs!

I was thrilled when Anne of Let's Shop Local asked me to be the next artisan of the week. Here is the newsletter!

 Artisan of the Week

We are very happy to introduce you to our
'Artisan of the Week' Just A Tish.
Tish McDermott, owner, sells her unique items online
through her Etsy shop, in locally owned boutiques, and
through local craft shows.
We have been very honored to have her participation
in all of our 'Let's Shop Local' events, and will welcome her again to our event this May!


 Where did you get the inspiration for your business name?
Just A Tish was all my daughters fault.
When I first started making jewelry, she was
and still is my biggest fan. She would wear my
designs every day to work or school. When someone asked her what
was she wearing, or where did she get it, she would answer, This?
This is just a Tish Design :)

 What do you create/make?
 I make jewelry, one of a kinds. I don't like to duplicate.
I want each piece to be it's only little piece of art, that you can wear.
I make jewelry using the metaphysical properties of the stones,
to convey a healing and peace to the buyer/wearer of the piece.
A little bit of love goes into each creation.

100_8964 2
 What is your favorite item to make?
Bracelets, the wire wrapped bangle bracelets. They are so tactile, intricate and colorful

Why is buying local important to you?
The internet, allows local to become global,
which is mind blowing. Local on a global scale, is different than say,
a franchise, which is still a local business,
but it has lost it's hands on, personal touch.
So, I think what local does is give a sense of pride and
community, and a bit of elitism. When someone asks me where I bought something
I have or i am wearing, it feels so good to tell them it is local,
like I am in on the best kept secret of what all the cool kids are doing.

What are your business goals for 2014?
I am working this year for more exposure and with Let's Shop Local, I have done it :).
I have taken a few years off due to work load, and this year,
I am making time for me and for my craft. There is a whole world out there that
needs to see my creations and I am going to show it to them :)

Just A Tish

As always, we ask that you forward this
to all your local friends & family to help
us spread the word about our local artisans here
in North Carolina!

We invite you to 'follow' us socially.
Find us on:

Thank you for your support of our event and
for supporting our local artisans as we build
this event in the Triangle.

Best regards - Let's Shop Local
Locally Handmade. Local Artisans.
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