Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Bracelets in the Shop!

Been busy bulking up my inventory, have several shows lined up for this summer, and one is a 3 day-er! I am really excited and feeling really creative.

This one looks like a party to me! Glass coins, re purposed acrylic beads, fun textured wood beads, vintage lucite from The Beadin Path, and swarovski crystals on copper. It has some heft and makes a great clacking sound. I may have to keep this one :)

I love asymmetrical designs too. It is like telling a story, it starts; with one thing, then there is a plot twist and then the best finish! This is vintage lucite beads from The Beadin Path, faceted glass and dichoric glass focal bead.

Then there is the great spring time hodge podge of left over beads. They all come together to make the best collection! I love this one, it is so happy to me.

I love when the ideas just flow and I can really get a grasp on the image in my head!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful color and texture combinations, as usual Tish!