Friday, April 11, 2014

Re Purposed Earring Fun!

Re purposing is fun! Heheh sounds like a Saturday morning psa from the 70's :)

I have a tub of pieces parts that are left over from a previous project, or are one offs, or are from other jewelry or items that will be re purposed into new jewelry. Pretty much what all these components are!

The rings are from a bracelet I found at the Good Will, they are sterling. The wood disks came in a little box I picked up at a yard sale, the faceted glass and flat disks are from the same bracelet I got at the Good Will, and the sliver tone balls are from a bracelet that was given to me by a friend that broke, and I lost most of the pieces :( Now if I could just get a handle on how to use that pesky camera

Giving new life to old jewelry is fun :)

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