Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lapis, Amazonite Pendant and Earring Set

A local non profit, C.A.R.E. NC, that works with rescuing dogs, training them to be therapy dogs, and working with seniors, had a fund raiser this past weekend. C.A.R.E. NC works with two of my favorite things on the planet, dogs and seniors. I wanted to be involved. I created a pendant set for them to use at their fund raiser as a raffle item. I put some thought into it, and chose lapis and amazonite. I based the design of the pendant on a paw print and wrapped small stone beads into the design.

The stones were chosen to represent a promise to those around us to always care. I chose amazonite because it is the stone of hope. This organization gives hope in their quest to rescue dogs, train them and share love with seniors in their area. Lapis was added to represent truth and teaching. As in their example they set in our community teaching all of us, there are second chances and we are all capable of making a change.

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