Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bedazzler - I haz one

Over the weekend I started my yearly clean and purge of my studio. This year, I had committed to the BIG clean. Going thru each tub, as opposed to just restacking it in an orderly fashion so it appears to be clean.

During this clean I found:

This has been an ongoing joke for the last two years between my dad and my daughter. My dad found this somewhere - flea market, thrift store, yard sale (this is where I get my hoarding from ) and he thought - Hey! Tish is crafty, she needs this..... Thanks Dad... I must have kindly accepted it, brought it home and tucked it away in my room. 

Outta sight, outta mind

A looong time later, my dad had asked me if I had done anything with the bedazzler. What bedazzler? I had already forgot about it. My dad was sure that he had given it to me, and I was sure he hadn't. I told him he must have given it to Leigh, my daughter - his favorite granddaughter. He thought for a moment, and he too agreed.

Now Leigh was a different story. Between Pop and me, we have asked her 100 times bout that bedazzler. Pop wanting to know if she had it, and if she liked it, and what she has made and me saying TAKE IT TO THE GOOD WILL!!!! She insisted she didn't have it. I told her, being the mom that I am -  check the garage, you still have packing boxes in there, you may have over looked it. MA! she says - I don't have the bedazzler.

Yesterday - I found it. I pulled a nondescript box from the bottom shelf, dusted it off and opened it. My shoulders slumped when I saw what was in the box, and a hiss of obscenities escaped my lips. I was defeated.

I straightened my shoulders, gathered my strength, because I knew what I had to do. I posted it on Facebook.

My daughter rejoiced! She was triumphant, she finally had proof she didn't have the blasted thing. 

it went something like this -

Just A Tish Jewely Designs PAHAHAHAHAHAH - When I found this - besides the stream of obsenities - I laft and laft! All this time, pop has been saying, i knew i gave you that bedazzler, and i have been telling him, no you gave it to her- and you are saying - Ma, i know you have it!!!!!!!
Leigh I KNOW!! you call pop right now and tell him you have it!!
Leigh hehehheheheh
Just A Tish Jewely Designs Leigh Reidelberger you can't make me!
Leigh oh huh.
Just A Tish Jewely Designs and what' funny - i just got off the phone with him, and didn't tell him
Just A Tish Jewely Designs He butt dialed James

I am sure there will be more fun today as I continue my quest to get that room done before March 1, 2013. Wish me luck!


“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw

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