Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Off Topic - Acrylic Painting

Painting is a fun way for me to clear my head. I call it a creative cleansing. Most artists I know are not 'exclusive' to their medium, and love to dabble in other things, if only for this same reason. It gives you a different perspective.
This was my attempt at an abstract flower garden with a summer fireworks display. What do you see?

This one is one of my favorites, and James favorite.This is a rain storm at the beach. Do you see it?

This one I did while I was on the phone with my brother, my biggest painting inspiration. It was so much fun to be talking to him, and mindlessly dabbing on the canvass board. I think I pulled him thru to the creative process. I sent it to him as a thank you, and he framed it and LOVES IT!!!

I love challenging my creativity, pushing my brain into overdrive and working with my hands. Lord help me if I ever try pottery :)

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