Sunday, February 24, 2013

Storage and Organization

I was excited to go to The Scrap Exchange yesterday. I had braced myself for the creative e-pif-any of all e-pif-anys that I knew would hit me as soon as I walked into the door.

Did it happen?

No, but it was so much fun. It was overwhelming. So much to look at, and so many things to touch, and ponder. I need to schedule an entire day there just to poke around.

I also was on a mission. My friend stores her beads in pe-tree dishes. (I spell SO  bad there is no spelling suggestions for me on this word, I tried 4 different times, and it always gave me Peter..) Brilliant!!! I got a couple stacks while I was there.

They stack nicely, they are clear, the are wide and shallow, so I won't tip them over.
The lids don't lock. That is tolerable, I just won't use them for traveling.
Coffee 'cans' - can we still call them cans? Tubs? Containters? I can't tell you how many I have.
They are great for storing, the lids stay on, they are durable. They have become a collect all........

The classic jars. Love them! They have their uses, but I will say they can be a bit cluttered. One thing I plan to do with baby food jars, is follow my grandpas lead. He nailed the lid of the baby food jar under a high shelf, then screwed the jar into the lid. The jars were at eye level, they were hanging out of the way, and you could see the contents. Love it!
And I have hardware boxes. I use these for travel, when I do shows, or classes, and I need a good sturdy case. They stack, the lid locks (but I broke this one already) and the yellow containers on the inside are removable. These stack up under my work table. Draw back - when I pack them for travel, I get back, slam them under the work table and leave them there. When I need something out of them, I lug them out, dig around, and I have no room to work, because this case takes up the whole table top.  *sigh*

I also have your classic craft store options as well. The small stackable round containers, compartmentalized boxes, tackle boxes and an assortment of tupperwares.

This is my effort to get organized.

What do you use for your storage and organization? I would love to hear!

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