Friday, October 21, 2011

Going Earring Crazy!!!

I can't stop making earrings! Earrings are my least favorite thing to make, yet lately I have been so inspired to make them.

I am all about long and stacked earrings right now. Good thing I guess, I have a show tomorrow.

I love the warmth of the color of this mahogany onyx with the copper.

I have seen earrings where these freshwater pearls are stacked, but I didn't have enuff that matched so I just stopped with one

These have that victorian feel

And I love these so much!!!!

What have you created lately?? I would love to see!!!


  1. Love your earrings. They're way cool,..especially since they're your least favorite things to make! Earrings are my fav to make and love having bunches of them!

  2. I love your earrings! The last pair are amazing...I love the way you wire wrapped the buttons!

  3. Such gorgeous designs Tish, I'm in love with the first pair.