Friday, October 7, 2011

Bracelet Inspiration - Mom's Charm Bracelet

Growin' up one of my fond memories was of my mom's charm bracelet. I remember laying in her lap at church and busying myself looking at each of the charms, remembering where they came from, and making up stories about them. She wore it every time she stepped out the door.

I remember we would go on vacation or for christmas gifts she would get a new charm to mark the occasion. She would have to take the bracelet to a jeweler to have them attach the charm, sometimes it would be gone for a few weeks. There is one sterling charm in there amongst the gold from when we went to Arizona to visit my aunt. One of Oral Roberts University from when we went to visit my brother in Tulsa. An anchor for my dad - being in the Navy. So many more memories. Mom gave this to me a couple of years ago along with her first wedding ring. I cherish them both so much - and never wear them. I am afraid of loosing them.

This bracelet was inspired by my mom's charm bracelet. There is a hodgepodge of dangles, some with rhyme, some with reason only the wearer will know.

Do you have memories that have inspired you to create something? I would love to hear about them!


  1. Your mum's bracelet is beautiful and it's wonderful you have all those memories attached to it and I love the 2011 edition of a charm bracelet too there's some beautiful stones on it Tish.

  2. Your Mom's bracelet is a treasure!

    I think it's so neat that yours have a special meaning.