Monday, May 23, 2011

Listing a new item musts - from Marketing Handmade

Got the Marketing Handmade newsletter, and this was something to share.

5 Things you should do everytime you have a special or post a new item - from Marketing Handmade

Everyone loves a special deal, offer, sale or discounted item. Who doesn’t love to be the first to know about a new and fresh item, so they can be the first to have it before everyone else gets it? I know I love to be among the first to know something!

Every time you have a sale, discount an item or list a new item you should:

Tell your newsletter subscribers
Newsletter subscribers are your most loyal fans and you have gained their trust. So always make sure to alert them 1st. Make sure your newsletter includes a way for them to share with friends. If you use a email service like that is really easy to do.

Tweet about it
Tell your Twitter followers. Depending on how great the special or item they your loyal followers may retweet it to all of their loyal followers.

Post about it on Facebook
Always keep your Facebook fans updated with the newest information about your handmade items, sales and discounts. Make sure to include a nice pretty picture when you post, because everyone knows that a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Blog about it
Make sure to include a picture to represent the special discount or item(s) and just enough detail to get them to click through to your shop. If you give all the information in your blog post then people may not fell the need to click through to your shop.

If you don’t have a craft blog, then you are missing out on free organic traffic. Having a blog that you post to at least two times a week is a great way to get organic traffic from search engines. Each time you post, make sure to include one or two keywords that you think your shoppers will use to find your handmade online.

Create a special banner ad
To increase your chances of getting sales, create an update your advertising banners. Make sure to include words like “Sale”, “Special Offer”, “Discount” “Free” or “New”.

Place as many advertising banners on relating sites as you can. is an excellent tool for getting craft banners placed quickly on sites with high traffic.

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