Thursday, September 30, 2010

Royal Metals -

Mama went shopping! Not only did I get that great assortment of wire from Just Wire I also found Royal Metals and got these great copper items!! I have a passion about trying to shop 'local' or to support small business owners. ArtFire is the perfect place to put you in touch with handmade artists, and small business owners.

100 Pure Copper Crimp Tubes Beads 2x2mm GC-106
4mm Pure Copper Round Spacer Bead 100 pcs. GC-101
100 pcs 4mm Pure Copper Daisy Spacers GC-140

Her prices are comparible to any online suppliers but the one thing that sets her apart is her communication and she gives a free gift!

She threw in copper wire guards and these nifty anti-tarnish strips!!
I had never heard of such a thing, she says they will work up to two years!!! How cool is that! Now I have to find me a whole mess of these to use when I pack my jewelry.

Have you ever used the anti tarnish strips? Do they work for you?

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  1. Thanks so much Tish! I hope you have a lot of fun designing with your copper! The 3M anti-tarnish tabs work great for jewelry too- I include them in with mine. I buy the anti-tarnish tabs (must be 3M) from WhitneyWorldwide in bulk (call to order for lower shipping fees). You can go in with a few friends since you might not want to order by the thousands or you can purchase them from ArtBeads but the individual cost is higher. Enjoy and thanks again!