Monday, September 27, 2010

Christmas for Chamberlin

Ok kids,

Sometimes there are things that are just so close to my heart I have to get involved.
This makes me cry - there are two schools of thought on this guy - he was so far gone, just put him down, put him out of his misery, or see the light in this little guys eyes like Guilford county animal shelter did and say, he is worth saving. I am so touched by this, by his heart and his will to live and his need to love even after he has been so neglected. Go Chamberlin!

From now til Christmas, 15% of all my sales will go to Chamberlin. He needs more surgery's, more PT, more love, and more support. Along with the donation to Chamberlin, I am also offering a free pair of earrings with every order.

Do a little something for yourself, and do a lot for Chamberlin.

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