Thursday, September 23, 2010

Custom pieces and organizing - I'd rather be fishing :)

I have been working on getting my work room organized, *whew* what a struggle. I went out and bought some shelves and storage tubs to at least get all of the stacks of stuff off the floor, chairs, the end table next to my couch, counter tops, microwave get the picture. I have been in this push to get my studio straightened up because I have gotten several custom orders lately and I have no space to work, much less know if I have the inventory to make the order. Now as fate should have it, I have recently been approached by to do product reviews for them. This is SO exciting because I will have a chance to review products that I can use in my studio and share with you!!! How cool is that!

Working with customers on custom pieces is one of my favorite things. It is fun to allow the customer to be part of the designing process. It gives them a sense of pride as they wear their new jewelry that they are the designer of :)

I recently sold this bracelet

She wanted a necklace to go with this, so I made a quick order to Rings & Things for these items to match the bracelet:
29-555-16-905 Bead, Shell Pearl, Round, 16mm (Blue Mix)
40-099-24-7 Chain, Footage, Oval Curb, 10.5mm (Antiqued Copper Plated)
28-000-007-443Bead, Glass, Faceted Rondelle, 10mm (Electric Blue)

I worked up these two designs to give her a choice

This one could use more dangles.

This one could use more layers - it needs to be busier.

Which one do you like? Do you have any suggestions? Which one do you think she will choose?

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  1. I love the top one and yes with a few more dangles it will be smashing.
    Great news about the product reviews Tish what a great opportunity.