Monday, August 23, 2010

Building a Design - When is Enuff - Enuff?

My friend Jessie gave me several glass pendants she picked up at a street fair awhile back, and last nite I sat down to make something with them.

It all started simple enuff - a single strand of seed beads and aventurine beads. A group of seed beads separated by the aventurine. I didn't measure between or count beads - I call it my sorta symmetry :)

I can't leave well enuff alone - I always have to build and build. I have a problem with symmetry, (even sorta symmetry) it makes me yawn at times. I have to have things be busy - I'll chalk that up to my ADD - it has been a life long curse.

I added a second strand - keeping the idea similar, a group of seed beads and the quartz and crystal pattern.

But it didn't stop there. Oh no! I added a third strand. This strand is completely random. Aventurine chips and disks, copper, lapis, jade, quartz, seed beads and mookite. I wove (is that a word?) the third strand thru the design and sat back and smiled.

I love all of the color. I know we are going into fall but I can dream about spring already, can't I?

How do you build your designs? Can you stop? Do you have to keep adding? I would love to know!

It even looks better on - now I have to do something with my hair - the pink stripes are just not getting it :)


  1. Wow, that turned out great and it looks like you had the perfect top to wear with it! By the way, your hair looks perfectly summery cute!

  2. I love it! That third strand was a charm!

  3. @Lisa - The first week of Oct will be a year since i shaved my head - promised the husband i would let it grow for a year. I have had my head shaved for 12 years - this is the first time i remember having hair.

    @Jana - it did kinda bring it all together, didn't it :)