Friday, February 19, 2010

This for That - trading is fun!!

Back in January I posted a Rings & Things challenge using coral chips. My friend Lisa from A Bead A Day loved the piece and just had to have it :) She wanted to know if I would sell it or possibly trade for it ......*screeching tires*

You had me at trade - I LOVE to barter. It is so much fun. Lisa offered me any of the beads she had blogged about in trade for the bracelet. That is exciting! I am a fan of her blog and follow it daily, drooling over the wonderful finds she posts. I immediately ran to her blog and began to 'cruise'. Back in December she had posted about bead mixes. I love bead mixes, and mentioned that to Lisa - the more random the better.

Yesterday in the mail I received this -

This was SO generous! Look at all this great, fun stuff! Fresh water pearls, mother of pearl links, wooden blanks, glass tear drops, multi strand connector and a beautiful, heart felt 'thanks' charm. I am touched.

I wanted to do something like this last year, a trade between artists to support artists. Running with the idea of, if you are a jewelry artist and you need note cards, you trade your jewelry for the note cards. It never got off the ground, and I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it is time to try it again this year!

Keep an eye out for upcoming posts where I will have a picture of items I am willing to trade. Would love to see what you have!!!


  1. I think it's a great idea and I'd be interested.

  2. - Great way to get even more fun use out of your beads! Keep us posted with your 'offers' :)

    at Rings & Things