Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Trade!! a,k.a. Share Your Wares!!!!

Ok, here it is, the first trade post. I have been kicking this idea around for a bit and even more so since Lisa from A Bead A Day and I traded jewelry for beads last week. It was so much fun!

This is still in the beginning stages, so I am just gonna bring you along with me for the ride.

This is going to be the 'trade central' post for all items people want to trade. I will post items I am willing to trade here, and you can too. You can either contact me, or put a link in your comment for an item that you want to trade.


Contact me with an image of something you want to trade, and I can put it in this blog post along with information about the item(s) and how to contact you. Then direct people to this post! If you do send me information to post for you, please let me know if you have traded that item so I can pull the image down from the list.

There is a link in the left menu of my blog titled "Let's Trade!" that will link back to this post.
I will use this until I can get a page set up on my site.

What do you think!???!

Would you like to Share Your Wares?

I have some vintage buttons, (circa 60's-70's) vintage crystals and a piece of a rhinestone necklace. Fun re purposing items. I have a box FULL of buttons that my mom had that belonged to her, my Nanny and some were from my uncle, a fashion designer. Nanny belonged to the ILGWU as a seamstress for years. Remember these commercials? I remember playing with the buttons when I was little. They were my treasures, or my currency. I would stack and sort, and mix and match, hours and hours I would play.

2 ceramic pendants, 2 top drilled feldspar pendant beads, 2 jasper cabs - 18mm and 25 mm (there abouts)

These items are from Davinia - you can contact her thru her blog

6 black tube beads about 1" long. Not sure what they are made of.
1 glass globe bead
1 wooden scrolled focal with a Carmen Miranda type lady on it.
1 x 1" square bronze coloured Tim Holtz memory frame filled with melted Opals embossing powder in a pearly cream colour
1 x 3" long antique silver Tim Holtz Memory frame filled with melted Opals embossing powder in shades of black, green and a touch of bronze.

What do you have to trade?!!?!?


  1. What a cool idea!! I wonder what I might have hanging around...

  2. Rushing off to work but I'll be back with something to trade tonight or tomorrow. thanks Tish.

  3. Love this idea. Lots of luck with it. Let me think what I could trade.

  4. I will be posting more things tomorrow as I go thru my inventory. as soon as I can get it added to my site, it will be set up in it's own section where ppl can log in and post as they want to. This is so exciting!! thanks Lois!!

  5. GREAT idea Tish! I had so much fun trading with you and would love to jump on this bandwagon too! I just need to dig up something cool! :) Thanks for doing this, I know everyone will love it!