Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not Nanny's Necklace - Rings & Things Shell pearls

Yesterdays post was about the great blogger package I received from Rings & Things.

When I saw these beads it made me go back in time 40 years. Sitting at my Grandmothers (Nanny's) vanity, brushing my hair and putting on her jewelry.

Remember these?

I had so much fun playing with her jewelry. She would dab lipstick on my lips and tell me to 'pinch my cheeks for color'. I thought I was a movie star.

I wanted to play with these beads and do something that reminded me of Nanny and was trendy at the same time. I re purposed a vintage necklace and gold tone rings from a pair of old earrings to go with the 'theme'.

It is a fun and random representation of old and new, classic and abstract.

Not your Nanny's Necklace

More to come!

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  1. What a neat interpretation, Tish! It does remind me of jewelry I saw as a kid (not the peace-sign/love-beads kind)

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  2. Oh I also loved playing in grandma's jewlelry box. And closet! She always had high heels and my aunt's prom dresses! I love your interpretation:D