Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Custom Pieces - Turquoise and Labradorite Set

One of my favorite things is working with someone who has an idea about a new piece of jewelry, and making it come to life for them. 

This is a recent work up, I didn't have all of the stones that I needed and I needed to place an order, right before Christmas. I couldn't guarantee delivery on the piece, and she was fine with that.   I ordered on 12/19/18 and it showed up on 12/22/18 - it was a Christmas miracle!! They were made and delivered on 12/23/18

Way to go Firemountain Gems!!! 

I can't speak well enough about Firemountain Gems. amazing!!!

She wanted a labradorite and turquoise multi layer necklace. Labradorite because it is the stone of magic and turquoise because it is a master healer and more. 
I had the turquoise, but not the labradorite. I honestly really wanted to wait for the local gem show so I could see it and pick the strands that had the most fire, but that wasn't going to happen until the end of Jan. 

Next best thing, I went to Firemountain Gems. 

I found out a long time ago, FMG doesn't play when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.  I have also found, they are straight up when it comes to their descriptions of their product. They tell you what grade the stone, if it is heat treated, color enhanced, re constituted and more, so there is no guessing. 

I had no reservations shopping online for the labradorite, knowing I would get a beautiful product, and there would be that glorious flash that shows up in labradorite when it is good quality. 

I honestly can't thank Firemountain Gems enough for their speedy service and quality of product!

As a surprise, her mother asked to have a pair of earrings made, so she would have something to open on Christmas - but as it happens, she got both!!!

May your new year be all things you wanted it to be, and remember, be peaceful, and be kind, it's important!!

All of my jewelry creations are based on the metaphysical properties of the stones or the colors that are incorporated. Jewelry should be a window to our soul, a protector of our emotions and a companion to our spirit. All of my other creations come directly from my heart in hopes they touch yours as well. Celebrate yourself with healing jewelry, and other gift ideas made with love!

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