Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Vision Boards

Monday is mediation day with a great group of ladies. 
I have been meditating with them for over 10 years....10 YEARS!

They meet every Monday, I show up when I can.

Yesterday we did Vision Boards or Dream Boards. 

I went into it with not a lot of thought. I wanted it to flow and be more spontaneous than planned out. I didn't want to fall into the process with a ton of preconceived ideas, and make a Wish Board. To me a Wish Board is a board that is loaded with pictures of nice cars, vacation destinations, new house ideas, all very material. 

I am in a different place. 

We meditated first, and I opened myself up to this experience and made note of any thoughts and used that as my platform for this years Vision Board. 


These are all the words that came to me while meditating, so I ran with it.

Create, is an easy one, I am a creator. I used the color orange for creativity, yellow for happiness and green for prosperity.

I AM, the two most single powerful words you can ever say. These two words will change your reality in an instant, for better or for worse. be careful how you use them. 

Experience, I am at a crossroads and am ready for new experiences. 

Learn, always be learning

Me, a revelation. It is ok to be in love with me. 

Release, baggage from yesterday, my journey is always forward. 

Beauty, is in everything. Find it. 

Listen, when you silence your ego, you will hear your spirit

That is the core of my Vision Board. There is also music and pets and growth and peace and kindness and so much more that makes up who I am, and where I want to be. 

Did you make a Vision Board or a Dream Board? 
What did you put on yours?

And remember, today and every day, be peaceful and be kind, it is important!!

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