Friday, January 3, 2014

Back to the Workbench

Getting back to the bench is always tough for me after a hiatus. I was ready for the holidays early (this is a first) and had all my pieces out in stores, and my online Etsy store stocked well. That gave me time to concentrate, on the house, the guests coming to visit, the cooking, working and last minute everything that I had put off to make jewelry :)

This year, I have decided to get back into shows and festivals, and my first one is Feb 1, 2014!!! Right around the corner! I am really excited. I have ordered my Square, a new banner and  new displays. I am one step closer. I need to buckle down, get a booth idea sketched out and get new items rolling out. Now sitting back at my workbench, ideas are there, I am just slow to produce them. My mind seems to be elsewhere.

To combat this, I put on music and randomly string. I do not commit the design, I just string, unstring, string, unstrings. Next thing you know, I have some ideas that actually are working for me, and I am excited to start on a new creations.

Here is a bit of a preview of what I am working on! 

I hope this new year takes you on many magical adventures!

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