Sunday, January 5, 2014

Finally Found My Calling With Clusters

Several months ago, while captain of the biggest pity ship you have ever seen, like a pity yacht,  I was over taking pictures of my jewelry. I was struggling with different ideas of how to photograph my pieces. This has been an ongoing battle. It really is not anything new. I have friends who are photographers, do I pay them for a couple weekends a month, do I take classes, do I invest in a better camera, or do I take decorating classes (to learn props and magic for shots)

This took me on a search thru the vastness of the interwebs looking at different jewelry sites, and seeing how they laid out their shots, what props did they use, how bright were their shots and anything else I could learn. As I ambled thru, what I began to notice about these shops was they all seemed, themed. Themed as in the jewelry was all very similar. A similar technique, or similar style. There was continuity about the presentation, and it was very appealing to me. It made me want to shop. It wasn't the photography so much as the content.

I flipped back to my store, and I see the eclectic hodge podge of my work. I have to make everything, every style, play with every technique and put it up for sale. My husbands words came back to haunt me in that instance -"Pick one thing and do it well".

I searched between my Etsy store and my Facebook page, and there it was, like a life preserver thrown to me on that sinking ship of pity. I do clusters. I do them well.

All of that mess up top, was to lead into this. I'm back at the workbench for a new year of designs, a new year of shows and a new year of self discovery. I took what I learned from my photography search and put it to good use as I sit working on new pieces for this year.

I did it and I think with much success. I sat back to work, and ideas started to roll! I think I am on my path :)

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