Monday, August 12, 2013

"Chicken Slayer" Viking Pendant Necklace

A couple weeks ago I got the visit of a lifetime. My friend Jenny, of whom I had never met face to face, but we have been dear friends online for nearly 10 years, came to visit me from Sweden!!! We had 10 glorious days together doing everything we could think of and then some. We definitely didn't waste anytime, we were always busy. She brought me the greatest little gifts. One of them was this little brass pendant. She thought I could do something with it. The pendant is a replica of Viking jewelry. I got really excited when I looked at the pendant, because there was a dragon on it. She politely told me - "It is a chicken darling"

I am still not convinced

I couldn't wait to sit down and get to work on this. I paired up the pendant with this large TierraCast bead I have been hoarding for so long from Rings and Things , they no longer have it on their site :(

I knew I had to use iolite. Iolite is known by some as 'The Viking' stone. The vikings cut slabs of iolite very thin and held it up to the sky on very cloudy/foggy days to find the sun and help them navigate their ships. Iolite is also one of my favorite stones. So to incorporate that into the piece has even more meaning. I added rainbow obsidian and tourmaline, with little brass cap accents. I used seed beads to separate the beads, which also allows the design to have a better flow
I also wanted this to be a simple design, to compliment the 'age' of the pendant.

I am so excited about this piece. It has been a while since I have made something for myself. I am thrilled by this gift from my friend, and can't wait to wear it!
What do you think? Chicken or Dragon?

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