Monday, August 26, 2013

Copper Wire Wrapped Cuff - Inspired by Swirled Fudge!

Poking my way thru some awesome images at Pixabay - (an awesome public domain image site where the posters allow you use their images! ) one afternoon last week, I found this:

This was posted by Shirley of whom I became a fast fan.
I immediately slobbered on myself, because - I am REALLY watching what I eat. (not a diet - i don't believe in them - a life change. 6 lbs so far!)

I got lost in this image - maybe because I was craving something sweet. It became a birds eye view of a map, houses, hilltops, river beds, lakes, I wanted to go there. What would I wear if I went there? (this is how my mind works) Something just as delicious of course!

I let this image which had already taken me to someplace wonderful, take me by the hand, and lead me further into my creativity.

Then this popped up in my head. I RAN to my work table and started sorting thru beads and wire. I couldn't get this finished fast enuff. I was afraid the creativity would melt away like chocolate on a hot summer day, and I would never get it finished
 It's a creamy, dreamy, chocolate cuff of stoneware and ceramic, with a touch of swarovski crystals.

Thanks for going on this trip with me. Inspiration can come from many places.  Where does yours come from?


  1. How exciting to see my candy image here, your beautiful work looks even more delicious than the original, keep those unique and special designs coming,I'm impressed!