Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Christmas Advertising has STaRteD!

I got my first Christmas craft idea email on Sunday....142 shopping days til Christmas.....

I haven't even dealt with end of summer yet.

I know people who shop all year - smart - they always have people in mind, they are always looking for that great sale, they are so thoughtful, they even have gifts for the post carrier. Most impressive to me, they keep things tucked away til it is time to wrap for Christmas. How do you wait all year?!?!?!? Such self control. Isn't there a box of snack cakes around here somewhere?!?

I can't do that - once I have a gift..I can hang onto it for oh, 2 hours before I have to have the satisfaction of giving the gift.

 This may be partly due to the fact that I am the last minute queen of buying gifts. Uncle Bob's birthday??? Dinner at 6??? (insert cuss words) Swing by the store on the way to dinner, buy something, done!

To take the edge of Christmas shopping, my daughter and I always have some sort of theme for Christmas. Most always is hand made, and the Jo is the best at  it. This year we have also added thrift store purchases, and have to keep it below $10. Fun!

Thrift store shopping is a treasure hunt, you can't just run in and buy. That email came at the perfect time. I need to start my hunt!

What fun Christmas traditions do you have?!

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  1. I just bought a couple things at Saver's the other day, in anticipation of Xmas... It's *so* early, but with everything to make, guess I should start, eh? Got a couple picture books to make drink coasters and a pretty pillow case to make a travel baby bed for my step-sis. Get your craft on!