Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fun for me for a change

I have been so busy this passed month, I have barely had anytime to make anything other than when I am doing special orders at the market.

I am not going to complain because I am having a lot of fun being too busy to make any jewelry - :)

But I did take some time this morning and made a couple pairs of earrings while the puppy was asleep on my feet. It was nice to sit and have some coffee and create for a while :)

Small garnet beads re purposed from an old necklace. I hammered the ends of the 20 ga copper wire to make a 'stoppper' for the beads. Make a basic wire loop at the top and attached them to the wire wrapped loop.

I was looking at Indian jewelry, of which I love, and it naturally takes me over to the Bali and Tibetan style jewelry. I wanted to try and create my own twist on the look. I love the dangles on EVERYTHING! It makes them so busy. They kinda look like little lanterns :)

And I know you are wondering -
What are you going to do with a tiny plastic pig bead!??!?!?!?!
Stay Tuned!!!!


  1. Omg. Is that a bulldog puppy there? I love bulldogs. I not-so-secretly want a boy one... named Winston.

    The second pair of earrings really do look like lanterns. Cute coppery dangly lanterns :D

  2. He is a boxer. when they are puppies they all look alike :) he is my sweetie - I love the name Winston - that is a perfect name for a bulldog!

  3. Aw, aw, aw, aw and aw! Big smiles! you are so sweet and so is your puppy! Not to mention the piggy bead!