Friday, July 9, 2010

One more for the library - Rena Klingenberg

I have been getting Rena Klingenberg newsletters for some time now.

I crawl all over her site on a regular basis looking for more information, or tips and tricks of the trade.

But her site is so much more than that. There are tons of submissions for people just like you and me. Jewelry artists in the business willing to share their experiences and knowledge to everyone who stops by.

There is also a gallery of beautiful hand crafted pieces submitted by the followers of the site.

There is so much information to glean thru, it can be over whelming. That being said - I am ordering her book. I am so excited. I read this article on her site - and have permission to re post it - and am going to try this technique tomorrow at the market. Will let you know how it turns out.

How to Sell More Jewelry with Volume Discounts

copyright by Rena Klingenberg

Customers love to feel like they’re getting a good deal, so offering some items at "volume discount pricing" can net you a lot of extra sales and repeat buyers.

For example, I have a big selection of very simple gemstone bead earrings with sterling silver earwires. I price them at $16 for 1 pair, $14 each for 3 pair, and $12 each for 5 pair. You'd be amazed at how many people automatically spend $60 buying 5 pair just because that's the best price per pair.

If a customer comes to check out with just 2 pair, I mention that they'll receive a discount if they get 3 pair - and nearly always they go back to pick out a third pair of earrings, spending $42 instead of $32.

I know that without the volume discount, most people would buy just one pair and spend only $16.

Why not try volume discount pricing on a selected group of your jewelry pieces? I think this tactic is most successful with a group of similar items that are regularly priced under $20.

You can increase people's urgency to take you up on your special pricing with a sign mentioning that they can take care of all their holiday shopping today with this special jewelry bargain. Include a free gift pouch or box for each piece, and you'll probably make all the sales you can keep up with.

Some quick tips on successful volume discount pricing:

- Be sure to calculate your volume discounts so that you're still earning a good profit per piece at your lowest pricing. (Even at the lowest price, $12 per pair, I make a very tidy profit on the volume-priced earrings).

- Post obvious signs next to the items listing your pricing discounts.

- If anyone comes to check out with just one, ask if they saw today's special savings on this group of items.

- This kind of deal is most effective for you if it's for something you can turn out quickly and in volume, with slight differences from one piece to another (such as changing bead color or shape).

- A “rummage bin” increases the sale of volume-discount items. Put the items in mini-ziplocks in a pretty basket, tray, trunk, or box and observe the power of rummaging!

You can experiment with volume discounts till you find the right jewelry items and pricing that make this a guaranteed, profitable bread-and-butter item for you.

Check out her site for more information or if you are interested in her book you can Click Here! to find out how to order.

Til then kids!!


  1. Great post! I've been following Rena's site for years as well and it is definitely packed with tons of info to help you w/your business and I love seeing everone's designs in one spot instead of having to check out tons of different sites! Thanks for this post to your blog!

  2. I learned something today! Thank you!