Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Furnace glass and copper earrings - ArtBeads blogger challenge

I feel like I am evolving, changing directions and I like the path I am on. I feel I have more freedom to express myself than I have had in a long time.

Oh yes, I am hooked on this new design :) I don't know what the style is called, I am sure it has a name, I need to research it and give it justice.

Started with a 5 inch piece of 20 ga copper wire, made a loop on the end. Hammered a small section to flatten the copper so the beads would not slide down. Added the bead design and made right and left hand curves on top of them. Wrapped the end around my ring mandrel to created the ear wire and then hammered the wire to strengthen it. Added the pink drops to the bottom and there you have it.

From ArtBeads, I used -
FD-SPRING SPRING MIX Fire Designs Hand Blown Furnace Glass Approx 1oz *
CR-RL207 5x4mm Emerald/Wasabi Mix Roundelle Strand *
VIN-0041 Pink Glass Teardrop Vintage Patina Copper Head Pin *

From Rings & Things, I used -
47-408-SP 20 ga copper wire

The one thing I did notice about wearing these. Because they do not give, it is hard to cradle the phone between your shoulder and cheek, and if you have on something that has a stiffer collar (jean jacket) the earrings will be pushed out of your ears. So these could be seasonal earrings. Good for summer and light jackets. (that or i have to stop making them so long)

This one is still in the works. I am not sure what to do just yet, I am thinking multiple strand. I could work it onto a chain or leather, still thinking. I love this furnace glass and took the picture with candy. It looks like something you would find in your Easter basket - Yum Yum!!! (and it won't make your butt look big :) )

This has these components from ArtBeads -

FD-SPRING SPRING MIX Fire Designs Hand Blown Furnace Glass Approx 1oz *
CR-RL207 5x4mm Emerald/Wasabi Mix Roundelle Strand *
TBRD6-121TOHO™ Bead Round 6/0 Opaque-Lustered Pearl White 8g Bag

And from Rings & Things
47-408-SP 20 ga copper wire

Will show you more tomorrow!!

*FTC compliance disclosure: the '*' items mentioned in this post credited to Art Beads were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blogging for Beaders Program. These items are for review or design purposes.


  1. It must be exciting going in a new direction. Wish I had one. I seem to be going NSEW and all points in between. But I guess that comes from still being fairly new to the game and still discovering new techniques and ideas. Which is why I love to visit your blog. Great inspiration Tish. As for the problem of the earrings, phone and clothes, just go naked I say. That would really make them stand out then LOL. They're really pretty and I love the copper with the the pink beads.

  2. Tish, as always, so cool! Can't wait to see where your path leads you! (will you invite friends to join you?)

    Also, love Davinia, sweet and funny!

  3. Looks fantastic, when u use this everyone watched u at least one more time.

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