Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Support Local Artists - Have A Home Party!

Do you love jewelry, hand made purses, door decorations? Do you love it when it is free? I thought so :)

Live in the Raleigh, NC area? Host a jewelry party, and I will bring the store to you! Don't live here? Don't let that stop you, you can host a party online!!

Have the party in your home - No ordering! The product is right there, take it home with you the same night!  It's called a floating party. Schedule your party to last a few hours, example 5PM - 7PM. Tell your friends to stop by. All the jewelry will be set up and ready for them to browse. No pressure, no schpeal, no marketing schemes! Use the time to shop, catch up with your friends, and have a good time!
Have the party online (even if you live in the area, don't have to clean your house :) - orders are shipped the following day to the person who made the order. (*) The responsibility of delivery is off your shoulders! Seamless. It is super easy. Create an event on Facebook, and invite all of your friends. The event can last a maximum of 3 weeks. Post links from my Etsy store and some back to my Facebook page and let the shopping begin! I will issue you a special comment code for your friends to used when placing an order on Etsy. That way I know the sales came from your party.

You and your friends have ample time to shop, and chat about items, even message me or comment on my fan page about custom orders you would like to have. Remember, all items are one of a kind, I don't intentionally duplicate pieces, if there is a piece you are looking at, don't wait too long, when it is gone, it is gone. Orders ship to the buyer immediately, no need to wait til all orders are in! When the event is over, I will tally up all of the sales, and 10% of the sales, goes back to the hostess/host of the event in free jewelry or other hand made gifts!!!!!

Example - $1000 in sales, $100 worth of free hand made gift items!!!!
And it doesn't stop there!
If the event does $2000 or more in sales, the hostess/host of the event gets a LIFETIME 30% off coupon code to use in my shop anytime.
What is stopping you!!! Create your shopping event today and message me for your comment code!

Check out my prices on my Etsy Store and see how much that gets you!

Email me - tish at justatish.com!! Lets get this party started!!!!

So yeah, you heard me right! Happy shopping!!!!

*Due to the weight of some items, there is shipping costs that will have to be added to the online order. But as always, shipping on jewelry is free!

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind

All of my creations are based on the metaphysical properties of the stones or the colors that are incorporated. Jewelry should be a window to our soul, a protector of our emotions and a companion to our spirit.

Celebrate yourself with healing jewelry made with love!

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