Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Think I am Protesting!!!!!

I did it!! I made the decision to make a stand. I posted this on my Facebook Fan Page -  

"I am committing the biggest business mistake and am proud of it. I know earlier this week I made the comment about small business Saturday and cyber Monday. Well, I have changed my mind and I am closed on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. (I will be open on Sunday!) 

 I sell my jewelry and crystals at a discounted price to begin with, because my theory is that everyone should have something pretty, a piece of original art, something that has meaning at a cost that is affordable. I will not buy into the greed and envy that I feel these giant blowout sales promote.

 Enjoy your holiday weekend, visit with your family, watch what you eat, play a card game, sit up too late and watch an old movie. Unplug from the everyday chaos and relax for a change. I send you peace and love!!!" 

Selling my jewelry and crystals is just as much of a joy for me as the making of the jewelry. I love the interaction and the meaning that the jewelry or crystal has for the person.  I love being able to help my clients find the perfect stones, or the perfect piece of jewelry that reflects who they are, what they are and where they are going in their journeys.

That being said, I am going to use the time to meditate, create, visit, enjoy, relax and celebrate another day in my life.

Peace and love to you!!!!

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  1. I'm not shopping today either. I think it's a shame that people are forced to be away from their families on one of the most important holidays of the year.