Monday, September 9, 2013

Volunteering - An Important Part of My Work, and What I Do

Have you every thought to yourself, what can I do to make a difference, then stop yourself short because you don't have a lot of money.

Giving is not always about money.

Your time is as much of a generous gift as a monetary donation.

You may have a special talent that you can donate  - singing, dancing, puppetry, design, baking - pick one and share it.

You may have an knack for listening - so many people what to be heard, and know they matter - share it

You work so hard, and you want to spend time with your family, but you can't get everyone on the same page - Volunteer as a family!

My dog Rose and I  volunteer - 30 minutes 2x a week at assisted living facilities in our area. I am not a dog trainer, I was blessed with a great dog who loves to love. I am sharing her and she lights up a room. She doesn't do special tricks to entertain. What she does is give you a soft head or back to rub your troubles away on. She can carry that burden away for you - she is a dog and doesn't hold onto that energy. She lets it go in the wind when we walk, or leaves it in the grass with a good leg kicking, snorting roll.

 Rose is always so glad to see you, and from our visits, they are happy to see Rose too.

A quick Google search can show you volunteer needs in your community, or you can start with these national sites that help you connect locally.

Volunteer Match

National Service

Habitat for Humanity

 Think about giving, and share who you are. You are so important and have so much to offer, it is a shame to keep it all to yourself!

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