Thursday, September 5, 2013

Innovative? Creative? Edgy? Sizzix Wants You!

My inbox had a blurb in the subject line - Sizzix wants to know who you are.

Hrm.....ok, I'll bite ;)

Sizzix is die cutters, embossers, paper (PAPER!) and all the support you need as a paper artist. They have the best tag - The start of something YOU! - genius!

The art we create is about us, what we are feeling, what has just inspired us. We are drawn to particular colors, textures and shapes. Yes, your art is something you.

Sizzix is having some fun with advertising that promotes themselves, and some lucky adventurer. On their site, they want you to create a log in, and then they want you to submit an image of yourself and your work you have made with their products - include 3 words that describe who you are. You may be the next face for Sizzix!

 Click on their banner and follow the directions. Will you be picked?

They are also all over the web at Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and just about everywhere else.

I like what I saw, it looks fun. Maybe I will start making cards :)

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