Monday, March 4, 2013

NCMC - Bead Weaving - PASS!!

I was completely overwhelmed today when looking at bead weaving and bead weaving patterns.
I am in awe at some of the pieces that I saw -  Here are some of my favorites.

Found this on Pinterest

Also found this one on Pinterest

While looking for tutorials online I kept finding these beautiful creations and just went deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Much to my dismay, I do not have the right needle or beading thread to try this new technique today. I will have to save it for another day this month.

This day did not go without creating tho. I made a couple fun little necklaces. This one is a carved tree agate, shaped like a dragon. So cute! Added a jasper briolet dangle for accent and strung random beads with copper accents. This one is a daring unisex necklace. What do you think?

 This one is a bit more feminine with crazy lace agate, yellow agate, faceted roundels and sterling accents.
 What did you create today?

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  1. There is pretty wonderful bead art out there.