Friday, March 1, 2013

National Craft Month Kick Off or How I was motivated to clean my studio

It's National Craft Month! I had committed to cleaning and organizing my craft room this month. I figured it would take me a month, but when I was reminded that March was National Craft Month I wanted to see how much I could get done by March 1.
It all started like this- and I had 3 days to get it in order.
I started to organize by color and type of bead in pee-tree dishes I had bought
I am making some head way
I emptied out over 20 different containers
Almost there...
And this is where I am after 3 days. I still have a lot left to do, but I am pretty pleased with my progress

This is so embarrassing, and at the same time, such a good lesson.
Does your work area get out of control? Are you willing to share your work area?
Have fun with National Craft Month and post links so we can see what you are doing!

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  1. I had to clean mine up lately too. it just gets out of control! :)