Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February is Amethyst!

February's birthstone is amethyst. You may be familiar with small amethyst pendants or rings but have you ever thought about the stone itself?

What if you are not into jewelry and you still want a piece of amethyst because it is a nice memento of you your birthday?

Amethyst is not just for jewelry!

You may want a sphere or a pocket stone or a beautiful amethyst formation -

"Amethyst is a varity of quartz and mined all over the world. Amethyst can occur as long prismatic crystals that have a six sided pyramid at either end or can form as druzes that are crystalline crusts that only show the pointed terminations. As a mineral specimen, amethyst is popular for its color and nice crystal shapes that produce a handsome, purple, sparkling cluster.

However, amethyst is not the same everywhere. Different localities can produce a unique amethyst to that particular region or even to that particular mine. Experts can often identify the source mine that a particular amethyst came from. The key to this is the specimen's color, shape of crystal, inclusions, associations and character of formation. "

Some examples -
North Carolina, USA -- Druzy clusters that have a bluish-violet tint.

-- crystals are dark to medium and form in druzy crusts that line the inside of volcanic vugs that have a gray or brown exterior. The crystals are usually colored throughout, unlike the Brazilian crystals, and form with a multicolored agate that often contains reds, yellows and oranges. Often amethyst- coated stalactites and other unusual formations occur inside these vugs.

Maraba, Brazil
-- large crystals with unattractive surfaces that are of a pale to medium color and often carved or cut into slices.

Did you know - the ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.

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