Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Am In Love With These Earrings!

I got these ceramic beads from FireMountain Gems a while back. While shopping I had to have them, and then when I got them, I wasn't sure what to do with them. They were big, 13 mm. If I would have left them all together, they would have made a great bracelet, but that wasn't really allowing myself to create.

So I pushed them off to the side and I waited. Months went by, and I would see them, I would move them around, putting other beads between them, trying to make something, and it still wasn't talking to me.

Months went by again!

Then one day, as I was shuffling around thru my beads, I noticed that there was a smaller bead sitting in the hole of the ceramic bead, and that was all it took! The ideas began to flow, and the earrings started to take shape. I am in Love with them!!! I need to keep a couple pair for myself. 

They are so bright! The colors are amazing, and make me happy to see them. They are surprisingly light, and fun to wear. Here in the middle of winter, they make me smile and think of summer, and music festivals and dancing.

Do they make you think of anything?

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind. 
Remember to explore, create, dream, imagine and discover!

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