Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon Release

Today is full moon!

I always get excited about the full moon and what it represents. It is a time of release. Release the things that do not serve you. Things like doubt, fear, creative blockages, etc.  With the full moon appearing nearly two weeks into the new year, instead of putting all of my new year resolutions out there on one day,  after all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I used this time to decompress, to meditate and really think about what I need to let go.

During this meditation, I listen all around me. Listen for messages and answers that are given to me everyday. Yesterday while having lunch with my dear friend Stacey, she was telling me about her tradition of having a new years bonfire with her family. The purpose of the bonfire is 'letting go'. Sharing with one another the things of the past year that they are grateful for, along with releasing the things from the past year into the fire, and setting intentions for the new year. I love that idea! The timing of the conversation was perfect with the full moon coming today, and I told her how I release with the moon. She was as equally excited about the full moon, because it is cyclical, meaning that you don't have to do it all at once.  I'm listening universe :)

Hearing what she said, got me to thinking. setting new year's resolutions can be overwhelming. I think that is why it is so difficult for so many of us, and why we avoid all of the worn out conversations about resolutions. We are tired of the empty promises to ourselves of eating right, exercise and volunteering at the local shelter. Still we go ahead and make them, and then feel like we have let ourselves down, or failed. (full moon is a great time to let go of the guilt, btw ) I mean think about it, most of our resolution lists are just TOO LONG !!!

Thinking a whole year in advance is a big undertaking, and what if you change? That resolution on your list in June may not be relevant to you as you have grown in a different direction. Breaking up your releases and your intents by the moons, monthly takes so much pressure off of you and is so much more realistic. It allows you to really reflect and see what you need, now. After all, we live in the now - we do not live tomorrow, or next week, or 6 months from now.

There are so many ways to release, and in my opinion, one is no more powerful than the other, it is just how it resonates with you. When you make your list for your release, you may want to cleanse as well. Use some sage, or a candle. You can make it more ceremonial and write them down, and then burn them, if you have access to a fireplace or fire pit. If you can't burn them, write them down, and hold them high over a burning candle, and imagine the flame is burning the paper. then fold it up and throw it away. You can write them down in a list form, and then set them aside, and on the new moon, when you are setting your intentions, look at your release list, and see which goals you achieved. There are so many ways, find what works and resonates with you.

Don't feel rushed. You have a few days. You actually have the day before and the day after the full moon to make your release. So if you are just reading this today, on the 12th, don't panic and feel rushed. Think about it today, and write it down tomorrow. You have time :)

This months' release for me is procrastination. I do find myself getting off task, and distracted by things. Mostly television and social media.  Last month, during weekly mediation, my dear friend Judie suggested I use a desk top calendar, a big one,  to make a schedule. This went along great with last months intention during the new moon of organization.  These two really tie in, so as I release procrastination, I am going to work on my calendar today as well.

What will you release this full moon? What doesn't' serve you in your life right now as you are on your journey to be the greatest version of yourself? Let it go today!

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind. 
Remember to explore, create, dream, imagine and discover!

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