Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Love

We voted today!

Standing in line, listening to people, thinking of all the facebook posts, the tv ads, the family arguments around the dinner table, the division of friends - I re worded conversations I was hearing in my head, but with a different perspective, a positive one.

Words are really that powerful, love is really that great.

For example - "How long are we going to stand in this line?" - I said "What a beautiful morning this is!"
                       " If I would have known there were going to be this many people here, I would have come earlier" - I said "What a great turn out! So many people are voting!"

At this point I zoned out the conversations, and began to think about this subject, the power of words, the power of love, here is a break down:

People can be so passionate about things, they become consumed by them. This is not a bad thing. We should have passions that we will stand up for. We should be able to stand up for what we believe in peacefully, not be so caught up in it, that we feel we have to defeat a person who thinks differently.
Name calling, belittling, violence doesn't get your point across, it most times creates even a bigger wedge between people.

Think before you speak - an old adage, but a true one.
Choose your words wisely - again, we all know this

These truths have been around forever, but have been forgotten because we have become entitled.

Next time someone says something that makes you mad and you want to retaliate, stop - take a breath - think about your reply. Can you reply and keep it thoughtful, constructive, neutral to where you can have a conversation instead of a heated debate.

If you can't, do you really want to say those words? Will they be heard, or are you just feeding your own ego by hearing yourself say the words that will not be heard by anyone else?

I think these things, I rehash past conversations trying to learn from them, trying to make myself a more peaceful person from my past, so in my future I am more enlightened and peaceful.

I base my existence on whatever I put out, I will receive. I choose to send out love instead of hate.

What do you do to stay peaceful?

And as always, Be peaceful, Be kind.

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