Thursday, November 5, 2015

Art Abandonment - Flood the Streets with Art III

It is happening again!!!!

I am so excited to be part of the flood this year. I had fun hiding packages in plain sight last year for people to pick up.

What is Flood the Streets with Art??? Glad you asked :)

Here is a blurb from their Facebook page : The goal is simple: On BLACK FRIDAY (Nov. 27th, 2015) I want every artist, human being, man, woman & child on our planet to drop one piece art they've created on the streets of their community for a random stranger to find, pick up, take home & love. Yes, for FREE. 

Want to be part of the flood?? Check out Scott Wongs Facebook event 

It is gonna be fun!!!

I am making jewelry and branching out into painting and crocheting this year :)

What will you be flooding the streets with?!!

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