Monday, November 17, 2014

Flood the Streets with ART II!!!!!!!

While browsing Facebook, I found a really great movement that is happening. Flood the Streets with Art. 
Brain child of Scott Wong, that artists everywhere are helping to nurturer into a living, loving beautiful entity. It is a peaceful, giving movement to promote artists everywhere.

How do you do it? Make your art, tag your art as free, leave your art for someone to find it.

To quote Scott Wong - "Here in the United States of America, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, Nov. 27th. We spend the day with family, friends and loved ones giving thanks for everything in our life we have to be thankful for.

On the following day a.k.a. BLACK FRIDAY (the day after we've given thanks for everything we have in life), we rush out in an uncivilized manner trampling complete strangers to death so we can buy a DVD player for five bucks. This is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but you get the gist of it."

I am not saying to stop shopping at the local chains near you, people who work their need their jobs to support their family. Just be choosy in your gift purchases. Make them count. Buy locally to support your local businesses, to support the arts in your community, to give a gift that is unique and represents the recipient, instead of giving that gift out of obligation.

Want to find out more?  Join the group on Facebook, see what everyone will be making for the "Flood"

Be part of the movement  - I am :)

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