Monday, November 12, 2012

Beaded Hairsticks

I got these hair sticks from OMG! They are so cute, so addictive and what a hit! 5 links is all I used, I didn't want them to be too long and get caught in the hair. 5 links is just enuff to great a great little treasure cluster. So easy to personalize too.

The top is fresh water pearl, agate, glass pearl, swarovski crystals, glass beads. Pearl for calming and centering, agate for harmony and balance, and a butterfly to remind you you are beautiful inside and out.

The bottom is snowflake obsidian, jet, agate, crystal and lampwork. Protection and healing. Snowflake obsidian and jet are both used to bring issues to the surface to be dealt, healing emotions.

 What would your combination say about you? 


  1. I love these, so wish I had long hair.

  2. Oh I know! I am letting my hair grown, but I don't know if i can be patient enuff for it to grow that long :) You know where they would work - on a shawl or crocheted poncho - they could be like a sweater pin :) I will have to try one out on my poncho - will let you know!