Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Celtic Pearls" AKA, How do you name your pieces

I name most of my pieces, do you?

OK, now I am going to admit, there are times when  I am bulking up my inventory for a show that I just crank out simple designs, and really don't give them much thought. As much as I would LOVE to make all those funky over the top necklaces only, that isn't the taste of everyone. I don't want to be exclusive. I want to appeal to everyone. Sometimes the KISS rule is the best rule. :)

Then there are those special pieces, that take hours to make. The idea concept, the creation, the finished product. I feel like I have nurtured this piece along it's whole life, and now it is time for it to find it's own home with someone who will wear it and love it - wow - I am sounding a bit crazy here - but it is true! When I am creating this piece I take alot into consideration, the colors I use, the time of year it is, the time of day it is, the stones I use, the design, and a name comes from that. Does it work that way for you?

For example -

This started as a bracelet, but I couldn't stop adding the glass pearls. It felt to bulky to me when I wrapped it around my wrist to size it for a bracelet. I didn't want to remove any of the glass pearls, so what do I do with it - I know! Make it the focal of a necklace. Awesome.

How do I connect it to a necklace. Let's play with some copper. Great, now I have links, but what do I use to connect the links - the chain is too small, multi strands of chain take away from the focal - OH!! Hemp! Ok, now we got a real earthy feel, but there is too much symetry for my taste  - Oh, what is this I found? Sweet! Lamp work - add one random one to the mass.

Now lets name it - Well there are pearls. There is a really cool copper swirl, looks Celtic, the green in the lampwork reminds me of Ireland - holy cow - Celtic Pearls!!!!

This is the thought processes that go thru my mind as I work.

Do you find it important to have such a connection with your work, that it has a name?

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